Extreme Obese Women Serious Health Dangers

Extreme females that are overweight putting their own health and their lives at risk by staying heavy. While obesity affects both sexes and can destroy the health of males and women, extreme obese women face some special wellness challenges that men don’t have to worry about.

One condition that only obese that is extreme will face because it’s related to their reproductive system is PCOS. Polycystic Ovary Syndrome can occur in any woman, overweight or not, but it’s alot more common among overweight and females that are obese.

It could even occur in girls who are just puberty that is entering but generally doesn’t unless they’re over weight. When it occurs very young, severe issues that are reproductive outcome.

PCOS is a condition that can get hand in hand with insulin resistance. When you were overweight and/or eating a diet high in easy carbs which are consumed quickly to the bloodstream, insulin resistance can easily occur pretty.

This is whenever the body’s insulin production is no longer sufficient to remove the blood sugar from the blood stream. The human body became insulin resistant because of the amounts that are large have been released by necessity over a time period of time.

While an individual may be insulin resistant and not need PCOS, in the event that condition is developed with a individual it is generally because they’re insulin resistant and essentially pre-diabetic. PCOS causes cysts that are small grow on the ovaries. Whilst the cysts themselves aren’t harmful, they cause hormone imbalances that cause other problems.

A hallmark of PCOS is elevated testosterone levels. This male hormone in excessive levels in females like extreme obese women may cause things such as facial new hair growth, exorbitant hair growth in places like the face, stomach and back, and issues with the cycle that is reproductive.

Whenever testosterone that is simply too much present in a woman’s human anatomy, menstrual periods could be delayed, irregular and either very light or very heavy. In some complete cases, periods can stop completely. PCOS can affect the period that is reproductive much that it can be difficult or impossible for a woman to obtain pregnant.

PCOS causes gain that is weight and certainly will ensure it is extremely tough for extreme overweight women or any ladies to get rid of weight. Acne flare-ups are often a sign of PCOS too, because high levels of testosterone are linked with acne break outs.

Another symptom of PCOS is depression. The hormone modifications and changes brought on by PCOS can directly subscribe to feelings of sadness and depression, too while being overweight can also add to depression.

While doctors say that PCOS can’t be prevented, eating healthier, getting exercise that is regular not smoking are the recommended treatments for the situation. If you practice these things already, regardless if you’re pre-disposed to developing the situation you might never ever suffer apparent symptoms of the disease so it stands to reason that.

PCOS can strike any girl, even teenagers, but people who eat poor diets, don’t workout, and smoke have reached a larger risk. For extreme obese women, it’s almost not a matter of whether or not they’ll get PCOS, however when.

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